To Forgive the Foxes



To Forgive the Foxes, a novel by Sandy Charles

To Forgive the Foxes tells the story of Catholic parochial student Joan Moller, the abuse she experiences at the hands of the Church, and the ways in which she is ultimately able to find forgiveness and healing for herself and others. Set in the rural Midwest in the 1960s, the book transitions from her early religious indoctrination, to her loss of innocence and cruel rejection, to a jolting epiphany in her early twenties that enables her to finally be at peace with her traumatic past.

As a child, Joan experiences emotional and physical abuse from her teachers that escalates to sexual abuse by her parish priest. She grows into a guarded and reserved young woman who nevertheless manages to follow her dream of studying nursing. While working as a nurse in an operating room and living in denial of the abuse she has experienced, Joan grows close to surgeon Bret Fabrey, and begins to open up about her past. While Bret is commonly known as a joker who is notorious for his operating room hijinks, he has his own dark history as well as the heart of a spiritual philosopher. Together, Joan and Bret embark on a path to forgiveness, healing, and hope.

To Forgive the Foxes is a captivating and moving tale, full of 1960s icons, intense operating room drama, bold humor, and true spiritual awakening.